Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Radio Rumors

I bet you were as excited as I was to read the Armstrong Brings Classics Riders to RadioShack headline over at Cyclingnews.

And I bet you were as disappointed as I was to read that the riders in question are Grégory Rast and Tomas Vaitkus, both currently with Astana. I’m not sure whom to blame, but the headline might as well have read Radio Shack Adds More Astana Riders.

Aside from that, one has to wonder what The Shack’s thinking. I mean really, Rast and Vaitkus? Those are hardly names to strike fear in the hearts of Quick Step, Silence-Lotto, and Cervelo. They’re great domestiques; but for whom will they ride? If TRS really wants to make an impact next spring, it will need to do better than these two. Of course, teams are barred from officially announcing their signings before September 1st, so there’s still a chance Lance and Bruyneel have some tricks up their sleeves. (In fact, Het Nieuwsblad--via VeloNews--just reported that Sébastien Rosseler and Gert Steegmans have signed.) Also interesting to note was the blurb at the end regarding Stijn Devolder. Apparently he’s staying with Quick Step in 2010 and The Shack's unable to negotiate with him. But the cycling rumor mill runs pretty much like the elementary school game Opposite Day, so I'm still thinking Devolder will be riding a Trek in 2010.

And while we’re on the subject of Radio Shack rumors, I’m sure you’ve by now heard the rumblings that Floyd Landis will be joining the team. Frankly, I think it’s a good move for Lance and for Floyd. If Bruyneel can somehow resurrect Landis’ talent, then they have another valuable asset come July. If not, Lance can at least say he tried to give the guy a second chance.

What are you thoughts? Share them below.


  1. Apparently Alain Gallopin gave Kurt Asle Arvesen a call last week. Arvesen then flew with Air Armstrong's private jet to Ireland after Oslo GP.

  2. It seems unlikely to me that Lance would bring Floyd into the fold. It would just dredge up more doping rumors, and my understanding was that their relationship is NOT what it once was.

    I actually find it sort of shameful that TRS has poached Astana so thoroughly. Seems VERY unprofessional.

  3. Why no rumours on Allan Davis? he's consistently top 5/podium of classics and stage races without many resources at his disposal but never seems to get respect. Plus, he did ride for Discovery - and I think podiumed at Milan San Remo that year.

  4. There is no way Landis can redeem himself. If ya gonna hire dopers, then go for Ricco who's younger and faster on the climbs. Or don't hire dopers at all.


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