Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Weekend Assignment

(A stretch of stones on the bike trail between Philadelphia and Valley Forge.)

It's the last weekend of summer. For some, a holiday weekend. For others, the last gasp before school begins. For many, the last chance to get in a few good rides before the autumn begins.

So here's one last assignment for you: remember that Project I introduced way back when?

You know, the one about documenting cobbled and bricked roads? (I'd say dirt and unpaved too, but there's already a terrific project that's been created to catalog those.)

Do you remember yet? No?

Well, here's what I want you to do: go find some terrific cobbled or brick roads in your area, take some photos, jot down a few of the details (length, grade condition, etc...) and send them to me to be posted on the site.

You can find some examples from my area here.

Here's what I'm offering in return: we're working on getting some Pavé cycling caps made. Once we do, I'll send 1 to the first 3 people that respond with worthy entries.

I'll also send 1 to the person who submits the entry that is located farthest from the Pavé Service Course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I'll also send a cap to the person who submits what the Pavé Editorial Staff (I use that term loosely) consider to be the BEST entry.

So get riding and FIND THAT PAVÉ!

I'll go about making some hats.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. have you ever made it to the very top of that cobbled road pictured? it's even more bombed out with crimbling asphalt, large potholes, missing stones, and various city debris. got a picture of it somewhere. i'll dig it up for you.

  2. Yes, I have. Port Royal. We need to try and find the route of the old Philly Spring Classic ride.


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