Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Step's Omloop Training Ride - Photo Essay

To tide you over until our Belgian Opening Weekend Preview, here's a terrific set of photos from Quick Step's pre-race training ride help earlier in the week.  All photos by Tim Van Wichelen--for more terrific imgaes from Tim and his colleagues, head to Cyclingview.

Bikes prepped...

...and cars packed.

Time to hit the road!

Devolder tests his legs on on De Haaghoek, the first cobbled section.

The Muur.

The Molenberg.

Wind, rain, and cobbles--it must be spring in Belgium!


  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  2. Is there any chance we internet-blocked North Americans can watch live online coverage of Omloop or the Classics? Do we need to find a way to connect to Euro servers like the Chinese and Iranians do to prevent censoring? Or do we even care? Are we so completely beaten down by the 'big' sports fans (football-baseball-basketball)who would NEVER be asked to watch a replay? Why are we willing to watch canned cycling, canned skiing, canned everything but the sports mentioned above? Anyone who is passionate about bike racing should demand some way to watch live. In today's well-connected world there is no excuse to feed us stale crap!

  3. You can't help but love Quickstep and Lefevre's adherance to tradition. You can keep your Grand Tours the Spring Classics and Paris Tours are all that really count. They'll be lining up with wide section Vittoria tub's on box section rims for nearly six weeks now...
    The start of Spring happy times indeed!


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