Friday, May 29, 2009

Giro Stage 19 - Is Ivan Basso the Classiest Man in Cycling?

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think Ivan Basso is currently the classiest man in professional cycling. Not only did he admit and atone for the sins of his past, but today he demonstrated the humility of a true champion.

Having broken away at the base of Mount Vesuvius with Stefano Garzelli (whom he promptly dropped), Basso was soon joined by Carlos Sastre (who went on to the win the stage). Dropped by Sastre with about 5 km to go, Basso rode at his own pace and then practically put a foot down to wait for his surging teammate Franco Pellizotti. And as the video clearly illustrates, this was no token; he waited, even turning his head at one point to look back down the road for his teammate.

For a domestique, it would have been nothing more than a textbook piece of teamwork. But for a rider who came into the Giro with something to prove as well as GC aspirations of his own, it was truly a sight to behold. For me, the event proves that Basso has indeed put his past behind him and in doing so has demonstrated not only the ability to ride with the sport's greatest riders, but also the class of a true champion. In a day and age where we seem to be more concerned with what certain riders are saying (or not saying), Basso's actions speak the loudest of all.


  1. Great post feel very much the same.

  2. Thanks! There's are several inevitable comparisons, but I'm trying to avoid going there. Yet.

  3. It seems as though success and the popularity of riders is evolving as the battle against doping continues. In 2006, anything short of victory for Basso was deemed a disaster. Today, his playing the domestique role and merely competing brings the same fervor from his fans. The cycling public is allowing for their idols to be human, a characteristic that was missing from the fan base during the "EPO years."


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