Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paris-Roubaix - 2009 Junior Race Video

If you haven't stumbled upon it yet, be sure to check-out the website of the VC Roubaix Cycling Team and Club. VC Roubaix offers lots of opportunities in the Roubaix region for riders and fans of all levels. In fact, next year they'll be running another Paris-Roubaix Cyclosportif event in early June. Road trip!

Today I thought I'd share with you a video from the site documenting this year's Paris-Roubaix for Juniors. Run on the same day as the pros, the race takes in about 120km and 29km of pavé.

The video's in French, but it showcases some great amateur and behind-the-scenes camera work. I especially love the footage filmed while driving through the crowds lining the roadside.

Could one of these young men be atop the podium a decade from now? Only time will tell.


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  1. Great video! I truly enjoyed it. Some of these young guys could be back in the real thing!


Thanks for your comment! We'll take a look and add it to the site shortly.