Saturday, November 28, 2009

2010 Pavé Kit - Now Taking Orders!

It's the biggest shopping weekend of the year in the USA, so I thought I'd get in on the action.

The 2010 Pavé kit has been finalized, and orders are now being taken. All clothing will be made by Champion System; please head to their website for specific details about items and sizing.

S/S Jersey (Race OR Club Cut): $75
L/S Fleece Jersey: $100
ThermoShield Winter Jacket: $135
ThermoShield Winter Vest: $125
WindGuard Wind Vest: $70
Bib Shorts: $85
Fleece Bib Tights: $110
Fleece Arm Warmers: $30/pair
Euro Cycling Cap*: $12
Euro Winter Cycling Cap: $32
*Please note, the Euro Cycling Cap does not have a cloth stripe down the enter; the stripes are sublimated.

Shipping: $10 Domestic/$25 International

Please click this link to be taken to an online order form. Feel free to email your questions to "". Orders will be accepted until December 21st.

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  1. WTF is a vest. Is that american or something for Gillet


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