Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Musette - 3 Questions for YOU!

For the first Monday Musette of 2010, I want to give you a chance to share your ideas with the rest of us. Here are 3 questions that I want to hear from YOU about:

1. Last week, a work colleague asked me who my favorite rider was. It took me a moment or two before I realized just how hard a question it is to answer. So I’m wondering: who’s your favorite rider and why?

2. The 2010 road season begins in a little over 2 weeks with Australia’s Tour Down Under. It’s therefore the time of year when teams are introduced, programmes are determined, and new kit and bikes are unveiled. What do you most look forward to as each new season begins?

3. Finally, I’m sure that by now many of you have read or heard the news about João Correia’s contract with the Cervelo TestTeam. As for me, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it in an effort to determine whether I’m a) inspired, b) jealous, c) skeptical, or d) all of the above. What’s your take?

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  1. Favorite rider would have to Heinrich Haussler for his steadfast determination and ambitous attacks.

    Paris Roubaix for its brutal beauty.

    and regarding Joao Correia's Contract with Cervelo, inspired that there are always great achievements to be had at any age (though we would all be lying if we did not admit the jealousy aspect to the story!)

    Aaron Malys

  2. Favorite rider right now is Boasson Hagen. Love just how un-meticulous his wins are; he just goes for it when and where he can.

    April is what I look forward to each new cycling year.

    Jealous of Joao, but curious as to why of all the rider availible they would take him. Is/was he really that good that they don't want to load up on some more young talent?

  3. Jens Voight,goes when he feels good,busts his ass for everyone and always catches the break that sticks.I look forward to spring classics and the bikes used for them.Joao who?I must have missed that blockbuster signing.

  4. I'm a fan of Cancellara at the moment. Watching him singlehandedly drag the peloton while in yellow was inspiring.

    Seeing the peloton suffer is something I look forward to inpsiration.

    Frankly I'm jealous of Joao. I wish I could get a phone call from a pro outfit...

  5. Favorite rider always has and will be CARLOS SASTRE he is a true giant of cycling, an understated genius when so many other riders employ PR MACHINES to promote themselves and their achievement Carlos has quietly got on with riding his bike for others and for himself.

    I always look forward to any race and love them all classics and GT but if I have to choose one its got to be the GIRO or any other italian race. Milan San Remo is another favorite.

    I think João Correia's story is amazing and a real inspiration. While I never imagine myself as a PRO or even Amateur racer i do imagine that I can get as fit and sucessful in my own goals and achievements. Also CERVELO are my favorite team so I think its great they have given him a chance to live the dream


    La Gazzetta Della Bici

  6. Favorite Rider: Ballan, Voight, Cancellara. I can never decide between the 3. All diesels.

    New Season anticipation: Cobbles of the spring classics

    Correia's story: Vroomen isn't going to sign just anyone. Let him race.

  7. Favorite rider, after much thinking, is still Boonen. No matter what he does off the road, he has still won a monument at least once in 4 out of the last 5 years. He might be a shell of his former self right now after everybody talking down to him but he will be back.

    I look forward to the Omloop. It marks the beginning of Belgian racing and it gives me goosebumps.

    With regards to Joao, as of right now I am skeptical. I know he has more talent that I will ever have but I don't know if that warrants him to go from no results on Bissell to a spot on Cervelo. I know he most likely won't be more than a domestique but I want to see that he is able to do solid work and not being dropped in every race before I change my mind. I am jealous of his opportunity but knowing I will never be there makes it easily tolerable.

  8. 1. Due to bias I'm not allowed to pick a Norwegian rider, right? (Arvesen!).

    So I'll second Carlos Sastre because he is a gentleman on and off the bike. You'll see it in the 'Overcoming' movie and in the 'Beyond the peloton' shorts; a laid-back and humble team player. And there is something to be said for the old-fashioned way of trying to win stage races from long solo attacks rather than just wheelsuck and time trail.

    Honorable mentions to Philipe Gilbert - always enjoyed seeing him in the break because I know he's gonna give it all. And David Millar for being honest.

    2. Tour down under?! The seasons starts with the Omloop. Basta. Paris - Nice provided some of the best racing in 2009 and I hope this year's edition can be equally entertaining. From the flat windswept stages where Rabobank tore the field a new one, to AC bonking and the mad, all guns blazing final stage. A classic!

    3. Uh, PR-coup and plenty of free publicity anyone?

  9. 1) Heinrich Haussler for going all out and wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

    2) Cobbles can't come soon enough.

    3) Validation that this is the best sport in the world. I used to tip the scales at 240 playing high school football and now at 25 I race at 160. Mad props.

  10. Favorite rider: Sylvain Chavenel, because I love his grit and his breakaway attempts.

    I look forward to the period from the Ronde through LBL. Always the best racing

    As for Joao, do think if I lost that much weight I could make a protour team at 56??!!

  11. the joao thing actually makes a lot of sense; and even though he is incredibly talented, probably has little to do with that talent. if i am not mistaken joao's roles at bicycling was heavily intertwined with the ad sales department. meaning he drove the deals that placed advertising in the his rolodex is FAT with contacts of people in the industry who decide how advertising dollars are spent. additionally he has great client relation skills, he can take a client out, wine and dine them, go for a ride, escort them around the rider's area at a race, and close a deal. so on top of his formidable talent, he is a marketing machine. expect to see him do 1-2 seasons as a racer and transition into team management where he cultivates sponsors and relationships and drives financial growth for the team.

  12. 1) Today I'll say Haussler, tomorrow Voight. Both personify a passion for cycling. For them cycling is not just sunny days in the warm sun, its suffering in brutal weather, and loving it all just the same. If heroic is ever appropriate in the context of cycling, both these men deserve the label. Their riding is beautiful, their sacrifice selfless, and their successes inspire us all. I cannot think of a rider I'd rather see win Roubaix than Haussler.

    2) Here's an original one: the cobbles and the dirt. I love the spring classics most.

    3) Inspiring. I wish him all the best and will watch intently. I always root for the underdog.

  13. 1.Favorites still riding- Haussler,Voigt,Ballan, Menchov, Van Summeran.
    All time- Bartoli, Zabel, Jalabert, Bettini

    2.Want to watch the progress of Terpstra, Maaskant,Kuschynski in the classics. Het Volk is the first race I get really excited for
    Sky looks like too much hype. More interested to see how BMC does.

    3.All of the above, but stoked for him "food was like training". Probably a good guy fat or skinny.

  14. 1. Favorite rider? The comments above list some of the same: Gilbert, Haussler, Jens, basically anyone who makes racing fun to watch (which excludes LA, Cav, Cadel...).
    2. Any serious race would be welcome at this point in the winter. Bring them on, and no, TDU doesn't count.
    3. I'm with Stanley. No reason other than PR to bring on a guy who was 12th in the Portugal TT championships, is there?

  15. Favourite rider, Ricardo Ricco, can't wait to see him back, I can forgive his transgressions because of his devil may care attitude.

    I'm looking forward to the Tour of Flanders here's hoping for really lousy weather and a stable online live feed.

    Cervelo Test Team may have the best piece of publicity marketing ever with that guy they've signed, I hope he's just not totally destroyed by the whole thing!

  16. 1.Gilbert: great late season racing.
    2. Pave- bring it on.
    3. Correia's story is mix of PR and solid riding as a racer- he is super nice guy who is very well connected (the anon guy above hit it right on the head) and his lack of results don't show the quality of racer he is. The guy is class (and has good taste in bikes: rides a beuatiful Pegoretti and a sick 1 speed Cervelo when not on his Bissell Pinarello) I wish him luck and I hope he does alright after uprooting his world and family to give bike racing a serious shot.

  17. 1)Favourite rider is Ballan - his style and his love of the classics.

    I'm a crosser at heart so must mention Stybar as my favourite cross racer. Love the way he often attacks off the front early on, giving it everything. Plus he's one of the best and smoothest bike handlers on the cross circuit. Thrilled to see him win in Tervuren!

    2) Look forward to seeing any rider with exceptional form in the spring, who causes surprises - like Haussler in 2008.

    3) Well chuffed for the guy.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all for sharing your thoughts! I've been enjoying your answers. Anyone know how many days until Het Nieuwsblad?


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