Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Signals Point to the NAHBS

No, I did not go the NAHBS in Indianapolis. Next year, hopefully, I’ll be able to make the trip (please bring it East!). But I have enjoyed the extensive coverage the event has received on various websites (Cyclingnews has an extensive piece) and blogs (Embro and BKW have some great words and photos). You can also see photos of all the award winners at Cyclelicious.

Some things that stood out to me:

Chris King is reviving his bike brand, Cielo. Taking a page from some of the mass-producers, Cielo is offering modules in which you can buy frames with pre-installed Chris King headsets and bottom brackets and wheels built using King hubs.

IF is taking the full-carbon plunge. Much to the plesure of some “carbon is the only material worth using” friends of mine, I’m happy to see smaller builders continuing to make frames that will compete with their larger counterparts. Can you imagine a frameset with a stiffness-to-weight ratio rivaling Trek and Specialized with the love and care that go into the building of an IF? Wow.

Jeremy Dunn’s moving to Portland? He says so in this post. The East Coast scene won’t be the same.

Then again, after seeing what Signal Cycles has to offer (see below), I’d move too.

Check-out their blog for great photos of bikes from last year’s show as well. I love this paint job:

(Photos from James Huang/Cyclingnews, Embrocation, and Signal Cycles. Please give these sites the courtesy of your visit.)

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  1. Didnt huffy use these clors in the 80s. or was it free spirit bikes?


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