Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 1 Haiku Wrap-up

Haiku reporting.
Small efforts can speak loudest.
Mirrors Stage 1 rides.

Dominating ride.
Could hold yellow for long time.
If team supports him.

Second is a win.
Team should be his for good now.
Trade dots for yellow?


Where he wants to be:
Lurking, but can still shadow.
Waiting for mountains.

Kreuziger and Nibali

Have they earned respect?
Maybe they're still dark horses?
Do not ignore them.


Contador beat him.
Kloden and Leipheimer too.
Is 4th worse than 10th?

No one’s afraid now.
Lackluster effort at best.
Shooting for stage wins?

Four in top twenty.
TTT is theirs to win.
But for Astana.

Stage 2
Bumpy ride today.
But will anyone get dropped?
Hushovd gets the stage.

Please share your comments.
Haikus would be fun to read,
But all thoughts welcome.


  1. Really enjoyed today's race. Great finish. That four man break away never had a chance. What was with that one rider who took off alone for a bit at the end? What was he thinking? Camera time?

  2. Andy Schleck

    You forgot to post
    About the young andy schleck
    who's a favorite


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