Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 10 - A Late Wrap-up

Did you think I was supporting the radio ban with a blog ban of my own? Not quite...

It must have been a boring day to be a director and a great day to be a rider. It’s shame so many seemed against even giving it a fair shake; it could have produced some great racing.

For me, the most memorable moment from today’s stage had nothing to do with radios—or the lack thereof—and it happened almost 100km from the finish line.

Kurt-Asle Arvesen, the victim of a rather innocent-looking fall, came-up from it obviously injured. Gingerly getting back on his bike, one could immediately see the effects of an apparently broken collarbone as he struggled to put weight on his handlebars. After some time alone off the back, he managed to regain the peloton, only to spend the majority of his time receiving treatment (and a friendly pull) from the Tour’s race doctor (and his car).

As the race passed the feed zone though, one couldn’t help but wonder how Arvesen would possibly receive a musette, let alone take food from it. But just then, as the camera panned-up the road through the caravan, you could see the Swiss Champ jersey of Fabian Cancellara soft-pedaling back through the field--not with one bag, but two. Riding alongside Arvesen, Spartacus patiently sifted through the second bag, gently passing Arvesen his choice of replenishment. It was a touching display of friendship and teamwork in the midst of a race beset with prima donna’s and entitlement. One that might have passed-by overlooked on a day not raced piano, piano.

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