Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de France - Stage 2 Wrap-up

Mark Renshaw deserves a large share of the credit for Cavendish's stage win. His teammates laid the groundwork with terrific placement coming into the red kite, but he literally rode Garmin's Tyler Farrar off of Cavendish’s wheel. Cavendish was lucky to hang-on himself! One can’t help but wonder if one day Renshaw will get a chance to take a win. With a few more days like Stage 2, it will be hard to deny him the opportunity.

That said, it was great to see Garmin's organization for the sprint. Farrar was perfectly placed for the win; he seemed to have a good complement of riders working on his behalf. Columbia was just too strong though.

Tom Boonen popped-in with a few km left to go, but was conspicuously absent from the final romp to the line. It seems like the time off has affected the cohesion of his lead-out, otherwise he might have been better placed to avoid a crash before the line. Could Stage 3 be his day?

Frank Schleck can’t be feeling too confident right now. He hit the deck again and then was almost hit by his team car while trying to get back to the group. While this doesn't bode well for Frank, it does perhaps play into Andy's favor by taking him one step closer to "undisputed leader" status within Saxo Bank. Andy rode a respectable TT and must be still be considered with the rest of the GC favorites.

And finally, did you notice that an Euskaltel rider was involved in just about every crash? They're beginning to remind us of Kelme.

Stage 3 is even flatter than Stage 2. Expect another long, hot day for the riders ending in a sprint. Will Cavendish add to his total? Will Boonen win one for Belgium? And what about Thor and HH from Cervelo?

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  1. Renshaw is a talented lead out man and obviously has a tremendous amount of speed, but when you watch the videos he just doesn't have that same kick that the top sprinters do.

  2. Very true, C-Rob. But I can see him taking a stage on a day when the others have perhaps departed or one one of those fluke days when the lead-out gets blown and he finds himself alone in front.

  3. I think the reason Boonen was absent from the sprint was because he took a wrong turn, turning left onto a side street when he should have curved round to the right with the rest of the peloton. I'm not sure if this had something to do with the crash that took place. Also, i don't know if it would have made if difference even if he had stayed on course since he wasn't in the first 20 riders.

  4. Did he indeed miss the turn? I couldn't find a specific answer. Thanks, Jason!


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