Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musette - Wintery Cross, Cool Bikes, Abt, Lance, and Tiger

1. If you missed yesterday’s World Cup cyclocross event in Kalmthout, Belgium, you missed a fantastic race set against a snowy, wintry backdrop—in short, you missed everything that makes cyclocross cyclocross. Never fear—you can watch the race (in 6 parts) here. Enjoy!

2. And speaking of wintry backdrops--how about this?

3. One of the things I find tantalizing about cyclocross is the endless possibility it offers for building and tinkering with equipment. Case in point: Molly Cameron’s Ridley was the recent focus of a post over at Embrocation and it’s one of the finest bikes I’ve seen featured this season. Every part was painstakingly chosen for performance, durability, and yes, aesthetics. My favorite touch: the gold anodized Chris King bottom bracket.

4. Did you see Radio Freddy's interview with Matt Wilson?  Go give it a read!

5. Congrats to La Gazzetta dello Bici for some well-deserved compliments.

6. Sam Abt has a new essay over at the NY Times. I’ve recently started reading Abt’s book, Off to the Races, and what I’ve come to appreciate the most about his writing is its ability to give voice to the less-obvious personalities and events we might otherwise miss. For example, his subject today is the retirement of Stéphane Goubert—a rider never to have won a race by himself. It’s Abt at his best. Give it a read.

7. And speaking of the NY Times, did you have a chance to read the column in which Lance Armstrong (via George Vecsey) offers advice to Tiger Woods? Here's my question: is Lance really someone who we can trust in matter such as this? Yes, he’s never been accused of such “transgressions”, but one can certainly call into question his track record over the past several years--I'm not talking about doping either. My mother always told me that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m not saying that Lance lives in a glass house—but he certainly has more windows than most. Ride your bike, Lance. Tiger’s got enough on his plate without you throwing your two cents into the ring.

8. Regardless of your opinions of Lance Armstrong (and his opinions), this interview with David Walsh is quite thought-provoking. Honestly, I’m torn. Walsh’s steadfast pursuit of Lance borders on the obsessive, slightly insane even. At the same time though, I can’t help but wonder if where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Thanks to NY Velocity for such terrific journalism!

9. And finally, I have to spend some time sharing my thoughts about something that happened last week. If you came by late Friday, you might have read some pretty offensive and inappropriate comments left by one reader following the conclusion of an interview I conducted with Jeremy Dunn. If you read those comments and were even slightly offended, please accept my most sincere apologies. They never should have been posted.

When I started Pavé, it began as an experimental way for me to share my thoughts on the sport—in particular, the races, riders, and topics about which I’m most passionate. I never thought that it would grow into a site frequented and enjoyed by so many—but of course I happy that it did!

Over time I’ve come to especially appreciate the feedback, opinions, and—yes—criticism that gets shared via your comments. However, at no point did I feel a need to moderate them before being posted. I now see that I was perhaps a bit naïve. So now, in an effort to keep Pavé safe and friendly to all, I’ll be reading your comments before posting them on the site. Please do not let that deter you from sharing your ideas with the rest of us—if anything, let it encourage you to continue to do so, knowing that your doing it an environment that is safe and secure.

That’s all I have to say about that.

As always, have a terrific week! And feel free to share your comments below.


  1. Didn't see the aforementioned comment, but will have my say regardless. When we can go online and be inspired by people who have similar references and the same passion for bikes and the written word - then that is pretty darn awesome. And it does not matter that we are worlds apart (hello from Norway!), because we've all had saddle-sores, and bonked or almost been run over by cars, yet still we love our bikes. I went and ordered Embrocation no 4 through Papercut, and while I don't get the 'epic' or 'gentleman' schtick, I get passion for bikes. And the whole layout of the mag was gorgeous. So hooray for J Dunn and both his blog and his magazine.

    And hooray for Pavé, 'cause it is a most excellent blog and I sincerely hope you keep sharing your insight when the season kicks of with the Omloop.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Stanley. I too am excited for the Omloop--I can assure you my attempted insights won't stop.

  3. Whit, I second that. I'm in the 'epic rides are once in a lifetime, not every other week' camp. I also prefer your posts and Gaulzetti's to Dunne's on Embrocation. But hey, he's the man with the idea and the photos on that site sometimes give me the inspiration to get out for a ride when I otherwise wouldn't. In my books any body getting others to ride is a good thing.
    Love the writing.


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