Thursday, April 2, 2009

KBC-Driedaagse/3 Days of De Panne – What did we learn?

The 2009 3 Days of De Panne is in the books and what did we learn?

Filippo Pozzatto is enjoying incredible form. He looked too good to be true on Tuesday. Too bad he crashed 4km from the line today . I wonder if Hincapie was sitting in front of a TV somewhere muttering “I told you so…” under his breath. It will remain to be seen how Pippo feels for Sunday; but if you’ve ever crashed, you’ve got to be thinking his chances took a major hit today—no matter what his team will say. Didn’t someone say there would be at least one major favorite affected by a crash?

Silence-Lotto is getting desperate. Not only could they not pull off a win, but they seem to be quite adept at excuse-making and wishful thinking. All will be forgotten with a win Sunday; but that’s looking to be more and more of an order too tall for them right now. Here’s my question: if things are so good, then why did you completely miss the winning move when you had 3 of your top riders (plus a pretty good domestique) in the first group? Do you really think Pozzato and Willems would have ridden away sans Quick Step if Boonen, Devolder, Chavanel, and Van Impe were present?

Mark Cavendish might actually be the best sprinter in the world. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

For the record, I’m pleased to have called most of the winners (although it’s pretty easy when you mention a fifth of the start list as a possible favorite).

I was sad to see Tuft crash in 3a; I was hoping to see him pull a shocker in 3b.

I'll post my preview tomorrow for all of our "at work" readers. I'm hoping there will be no significant developments between then and Sunday.

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