Friday, April 10, 2009


Reconnaissance, rehearsal, research. We know these terms well no matter our age, our experience, or our vocation. To ensure success, we know we must prepare not only physically, but mentally for our biggest events. For some, this might mean checking the air pressure in their tires before the Sunday group ride. For others, it might mean pre-riding a course and changing to a cassette with a more appropriate gear ratio.

Yesterday and today, the riders and teams of Paris-Roubaix have been sampling the cobbles they’ll be facing on Sunday. It’s a day for testing legs and equipment, choosing the best lines over the stones, and noting unexpected surprises. It’s a day for leg warmers, long sleeve jerseys, hats, and maybe a Mars bar. It’s also perhaps the only day of the year when the TV moto follows you on a training ride.

On Monday, Ridelugged’s James and I went up to State College for my second recon of the roads we’re using for our Rapha Continental ride later this year. James included a terrific narrative detailing his experiences that day. He included some of my photos. Please read more here.

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