Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings - Allergies, Transitions, etc...

If you live in the Northeast United States, you've undoubtedly been enjoying the warm weather over the past few days. If you're like me though, you've been suffering through the inevitable explosion of pollen that accompanies the mercury's upswing. My vice is that seemingly innocuous green pollen powder that covers everything in sight during this time of year. I'm praying for some late April showers to wash away my congestion. I'll trade a day of riding for a week of easy-breathing.

But enough about me! In thinking of topics for today--despite my coughs and sniffles--I thought back to 2001 and America's own Jonathan Vaughters. Remember this photo?

It's a shame that the man largely responsible for the vision and success of Garmin-Slipstream never finished Le Tour as a rider (although last July was probably just as rewarding for him). I wonder what might have happened had he finished? Would we still be enjoying the boys in blue and orange argyle?

So what's on your mind as we transition from spring to summer, from Classics to Tours? What would you like to see (no pun intended Mr. Vaughters) here at Pavé? We have lots planned including more reports on races, rides, products, and all sorts of unpaved, cobbled fun. We might even spend some time on the asphalt too!

We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

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